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E-Board Meeting
5179 Crater Lake Hwy. Central Point, OR

From 04:30 pm to 06:30 pm

Contract 2020 Results

Contract 2020 Results Thank you to all of the members of JCSEA for the voter turnout! This is a very good contract which will keep us moving forward. In this time some agencies are suffering layoffs, some now pay out of pocket for insurance. We will receive a raise each year for the next three years and if insurance doesn't skyrocket in premiums, we should also maintain fully paid medical insurance with money contributed to your VEBA by the county. Thank you to the e-board members and the members of our bargaining team and the members of JCSEA. Forward is the direction we are going!

Contract 2020 Q & A with the JCSEA Lawyer

2020 Minutes

May 29, 2020